What we do

Having sustainable outdoor learning and inspiring outdoor spaces - is it impossible to achieve? Is it the Holy Grail of education?

Definitely not! At Sowing Seeds we make sure it is achievable AND sustainable.


We specialise in creating and providing:


Growing spaces and allotments

Growing programmes that actually work

Outdoor classroom spaces

Willow structures

Wildlife gardens and wildflower meadows

Sensory spaces

Learning through play spaces and play panels

Loose parts play kits

Workshops and CPD’s that inspire staff AND children to love Outdoor Learning


Our unique Sowing Seeds approach looks at your school grounds as part of a long-term, whole school, sustainable approach. Our combination of initial site visit, consultation with children, parents and staff followed by an interactive build, workshops and CPD’s ensures everyone is engaged and inspired ready for outdoor learning and play.


New space, undeveloped space, tried and failed to do something space, tiny space or huge space - whatever space you have we can help you turn it into an amazing space.

Get in touch today for an informal chat or a free site visit to see how we can help you!


Click on the links below to send us an email, a DM on Twitter or a Message on Facebook. Alternatively, to talk to a real human being give us a call on 07890 207747 or use the “Contact Us” tab to leave your details and we’ll call you back at a time that’s good for you.



Want a bit more information?


Every school and early years centre is unique with unique spaces, unique staff and unique ideas. That means that every project of ours is unique too. We don’t believe that “one size fits all”.


Sometimes just a bit of guidance, advice and training is needed to get your Outdoor Learning and Play up and going.


Sometimes it’s about re-working and upcycling what you already have available to you – maybe an overgrown underused allotment, overgrown and overlooked corners and spaces.


Sometimes its about creating a whole new space or looking at dividing up a huge tarmac jungle into zones.


Every product from mud kitchens to sensory gardens to growing zones are bespoke. They are:


made to fit the site - on a slope, on grass, on tarmac

made to suit the age group – the correct height for sitting, playing, growing

made to suit the unique logistics of your site - where do we put wellies on, where do we get water,

made to be as secure and vandal proof as possible


That’s why we encourage you to book a free site visit with us, so we can talk through what your unique spaces could be transformed into. Don’t worry, a site visit is always free, has no strings attached and we don’t do “selling” – we let our products and services do that for themselves.


Images often speak louder than words so check out our “Before and After” photos.


And lastly, we are so confident that you will be happy with our projects, workshops and CPD’s that we don’t offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we go further by offering a 100% Happiness Guarantee! If you are not 100% happy we guarantee to continue to work with you for FREE until you are!